Valentine’s Day Party

A note from the parent volunteers of the Valentine’s Day party:

Please send$3 to help cover the cost of pizza and other supplies for the Valentine’s Day party.

***Students may give the money to their 1st period teacher, and the money will be passed along to the parent volunteers.


Report Cards and Parent Teacher Conferences

Students received their report cards today; please check in the binders for those.  Just a reminder that Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Friday.  Time confirmations have been sent home with students.  If you requested a conference, check with your child for your conference time.  We look forward to meeting with you.

New approved books

Check out the new posted books that you can begin reading for social studies enrichment grades….One of my favorites is a historical fiction called Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix.  This book brings to life the topics that we have discussed in class:  immigration, tenements, working conditions, labor unions, and the Triangle Shirtwaist Company.  Good read!!!!!!

Week of Sept. 4 – 7:

This week we will be studying Standard 5.02 which will examine the appeal and challenges of settling the Great Plains from various cultural perspectives:  settlers, immigrants, Buffalo Soldiers, and American Indians.  As a part of this study, we will look at the Homestead Act, examine a photograph of a sod house, build a sod house, map the building of the Transcontinental Railroad by immigrants, read historical fiction about the Transcontinental Railroad,and  explore text evidence of the Great Plains jobs of Buffalo Soldiers AND so much more.  So….we have a lot to do next week!  No test next week — we will be practicing this standard as well as using Tribe time to review TN Standards 5.26-5.54.  We will also design a logo for the Coca-Cola bottling company in Chattanooga.

What’s going on in social studies class this week?

We have just finished up learning the differences in primary and secondary sources as well as learning how to learn from these sources.  We have moved into Standard 5.01 discussing how the South had a need to move toward industrialization after the Civil War.  In addition to this, we are doing some background work on the Industrial Revolution and Civil War so the students realize WHY the South needed to think about industrialization. During Tribe time, we are working on Tennessee Dailies in the Tennessee Journal (TN Standards 5.26-5.54) as well as reading biographies and historical fiction.   Stayed tuned….more learning coming!!!!

Be ready for tomorrow……

What to bring to class on Thursday:  pencil pouch, return folder, TN journal, binder

Reminder:  Be on 5th grade hallway no sooner than 7:45 in the morning

Morning Work:

1)  LC/cell phones

2)  Complete survey on your desk.

3)  On the back of your survey, tell me about YOU.

4)  Finish biography poster

5)  Log on to your computer.  Hopefully, it will remember you since it met you today.  Go to my edublog …. zero voice level for this activity so that I can answer questions and assist students with computers.

See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

First Day

What a terrific first day!  My home room students are a great bunch of children.  I enjoyed spending this 1/2 day getting to know them and them getting to know me.  I look forward to another home room day tomorrow as we continue to discuss 5th grade rules and procedures in order to make our year a successful one.  Reminders for tomorrow:

1.  Stop by your locker ( backpack & lunchbox)

2.  Take cell phone to Mrs. Moncier

3.  Bring colored pencils, a pencil, and signed papers to homeroom

4.  Mark your lunch count on the door

5.  Be in your seat by 7:55

6.  Begin morning work


Important Dates/Info for Fifth Grade Students 2018-2019

Wow!!!  Locker Move-in Night was fantastic!  It was so great to see everyone, and we look forward to a new school year.  Please check out the following dates and reminders:

Monday, Aug. 13 –Safety first:   Remember  there are only 2 morning drop off  spots:  at the back of the school and Harmon Dr.  Teachers and administration will be greeting you at appropriate drop off areas.   Also, remember the new state law:  no handheld devices (phones) in the school zones.

***************Meet your teachers in the gym; do not go straight to 5th grade hallway on Monday.  If students bring a phone to school, they must turn give them to 5th grade teachers as soon as they enter 5th grade hallway.  Phones will be returned at the end of the school day.  

Wednesday, Oct. 17 – Fall individual pictures